Why are voters so easily hoodwinked

Why do so many vote against their own interests? What is it about human beings that corrupts even the systems and organizations designed with the best of intentions? Why don’t people or nations learn from experience, or from history? When is truth really relative, and when saying that is an excuse? What goes on inside people when they describe such different “realities” at the least conflict of interests? Does thinking for yourself make you happier, unhappier, or are there different kinds of happiness? Why did the US democracy turn into a plutocracy, again?

Many people ask these questions with mounting frustration, having to bear the compounding absurdities in relationships and systems, big and small – and especially after electoral results that contradict what the vast majority of people say they want. To really understand these issues we have to look at them from several viewpoints, because the real answer is multifaceted.

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Claudia Chaves is a psychotherapist in Oregon, USA and has been writing about these topics for many years. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The book includes more information about the author.